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Create a search engine for any website or for offline CD/DVD use
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Search Maker Pro
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20 October 2005

Editor's review

Every web developer tries making their website easily navigable for visitors, which also indirectly supports increasing the traffic rate. It’s because if the required content is easily accessible over the website, more and more people would like visiting and re-visiting it. Although menus and links are placed to let visitors access other website pages, but surfing through a large website often gets monotonous for them. Well, its time you opt for a better option, i.e. add a search feature to your website. And for creating an effective search function for your website, or even your offline media like DVD/CD you can try Search Maker Pro. The program examines your website; indexes the entire pages it finds; and finally generates an HTML file. The output HTML file created by the program consists of indexes, and JavaScript enabling usage of indexes in search process.

With wizard-driven interface of Search Maker Pro, the first step of the process is to select indexing whole website automatically; selecting individual website pages to index; or open previously saved configurations. If you’re beginner, then select to index whole website automatically. Press ‘Next’, at second step the program would prompt you to enter website address; enable/disable ‘use relative link’ option; and specify default filename on server. Clicking ‘Next’ you’d have to specify the number of pages for indexing, and also can enter names of the pages to be excluded. Further, the step four requires selecting where to display the search results, and the action to be performed on clicking any search result. The fifth step requires selecting elements to index and search, set quotes limit for search results, and alter advanced settings. Moving on, you get the step for defining template and style sheet for search and results pages. If you’re not using templates, then with further step you can set the formatting for search engine. Now as you press ‘Next’, the program would begin retrieving and creating indexes of web pages. Completing the process, the program displays the final created index that can be saved as HTML for further usage.

Search Maker Pro 3.2 allows you to generate efficient search engine for any of your website or even CD/DVD media. For its effective range of functions, wizard-style console, and fantastic performance, the utility is being rated with 4.5 points.

Publisher's description

Create a search engine for any website or for offline CD/DVD use.
Search Maker Pro will examine a web site, indexing all the pages that it finds. It will then create a single HTML file that contains both these indexes and JavaScript to enable the indexes to be searched.
By simply placing the single HTML file on your web site, you will be providing full search facilities for anyone accessing your site.
Features include:
Simple to setup and use.
Can create a working search engine in under a minute.
No programming required.
User friendly wizard based interface.
Multiple index methods catering for small and more complex sites.
No server software or server cgi access required.
Easy to Customize.
Huge choice of options to make the search engine fit your website.
Search result page formatting is fully configurable.
Stylesheet and template support.
Boolean and wildcard search provisions.
Indexes many file types including Acrobat (pdf), Word (doc, rtf), Excel (xls) and PowerPoint (ppt), all HTML and Text.
Generated search engine will work on ANY website, webserver or platform (Microsoft, Unix, Macintosh, Linux, IIS, Apache etc).
Indexes web sites on the Internet or on local storage (hard disk, CD, DVD etc).
Generated HTML and JavaScript compatible with all common browsers (Internet Explorer v3, 4, 5 & 6, Firefox, Opera, Mozilla, Netscape, all other browsers using JavaScript 1.1).
No Java required, only browser standard JavaScript.
Scalable to 100s of pages (the only limit is the power of the client's machine).
Advanced search page allows users to perform advanced searches.
Can create a local client search engine for CD and DVD.
Save and load search configurations for easy maintenance of search pages.
Full control over manipulation of indexes including stop and duplicate word support
Automate the update of indexes.
Generated search engine is fully translatable.
Search Maker Pro
Search Maker Pro
Version 3.2
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User comments

Seth Morse
Terrible support. Do not expect a response. Had to modify the output manually everytime I indexed and I still have a question about how to customize the output automatically. Be an expert in Javascript if you use this program because you will not get any help from them. No support number and 5+ emails over 3 days from 3 seperate accounts have gone unanswered. Terrible!
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